The Importance of keeping up with the Crypto Market— BitFlex FinTech x D.Center

The concept of decentralization has enormous potential to improve our world, and for the first time in human history, we have the proper technology for it — the blockchain. However, both the disruptive nature of decentralization and the blockchain method is difficult to grasp. So we spent a significant amount of time on the Internet sifting through loads of material and disinformation, attempting to extract what actually mattered.

For this reason, BitFlex and D.Center have partnered to provide users with well-researched and documented information for readers to learn, explore and educate themselves on all things Blockchain.

It is critical to recognize that our lives rely heavily on digital data, which is now held by a variety of organizations ranging from banks to land records to social media. It is equally critical to recognize that, thanks to the blockchain, we now have an option.

An option that would provide us the ability to govern and manage our data — and our lives.


D.Center started as a genuine fascination with blockchain and a private effort to learn about its many facets.

Before they knew it, they had a bunch of notes that grew into a pretty big source of data, which needed to be organized — and they did, guided by the logical connections between different notions. The result was a non-linear collection of articles, where one could choose different paths to explore all things blockchain. At this stage, it became clear there was a need to publish all the data and notes they had gathered, and this knowledge could help people regain control over so many important aspects of their lives.

The Importance

Cryptocurrency is a volatile market. Cryptocurrency prices are changing all the time, and the fluctuations are dramatic. A cryptocurrency’s price may skyrocket in a matter of hours, only to plummet again.

Because of the market’s extreme volatility, it might be difficult for traders to keep up with the crypto trading market at times. Although difficult, being updated about market happenings is critical to ensuring that you are making the proper judgments.

The price of a cryptocurrency might fluctuate based on the most trivial news from across the world. A single remark or release can cause the price of a currency pair to rise or fall.

It is critical to stay connected to the market regardless of which news channel you employ. It is critical to know what to focus on while using news channels, publications, or even social media platforms such as Twitter or Reddit. Obtaining information is one thing; however, it is also critical to ensure that the information is trustworthy and reliable.

Keeping Informed

One of the most important things for a crypto trader to remember is to stay up to date on current market events. You should also keep up to date on forthcoming events that may have an impact on the cryptocurrency market. This allows you to organize your approach ahead of time, which may be highly beneficial to creating an effective trading strategy.

There are several things you can still do to interact with the market at all times. Among the many other things you can do to have access to reliable information

Reliable sources like D.Center can provide you with all relevant market information.

Bots can also help with this for active traders as it can provide information on all of the significant market occurrences. This can ensure that you always have access to up-to-date information without having to spend a lot of time investigating.

At BitFlex FinTech, we are proud to share this source of blockchain knowledge and we’re confident it will help netizens in Zimbabwe and the rest of Africa learn and understand more about blockchain and use this as a source of daily knowledge to the wild world of crypto.


Staying up to date on market events can help traders plan their trading and ensure that they are doing the correct thing at all times.

Be safe and do your research…

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